Sneak Peek – Unicorn Buster

I’ve been working on a new project and here’s a sneak peek.

What is the Unicorn Buster? It’s an auto locker for your workstation/laptop, keep the key-fob on your person and if you walk away from your machine it’ll lock.


Key-Fob Case

Above is the key-fob part of the system. I’ll post updates as I finish the rest.

Posted in 3D Printing, Embedded Firmware, Hardware Design by Stewart at June 2nd, 2013.
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4 Responses to “Sneak Peek – Unicorn Buster”

  1. Tim Haak says:

    Is there something different to the system where they use the phones bluetooth?

    Also have you seen

    Toby at h4h.

    • Stewart says:

      Hey Tim.

      A couple of things/features I didn’t mention in the post

      1. Uses bluetooth LE so the key fob should last for at least 18 months on a CR2032 battery.
      2. I sometimes/often leave my phone on my desk. I never leave without my badge.
      3. It’s going to emulate a USB keyboard so there are no drivers or daemons that need to be running.
      4. The fob is compatible with the new Samsung S3/4 and iPhones phones so you can use it to find your keys/badge. I still need to experiment with multi teathering

      Basically it’s the same principle as using the phone bluetooth, measures the RSSI to determine the range and then send the lock key strokes. It’s just specifically designed to solve this problem.

      • Tim Haak says:

        Sounds like fine let me know how it goes.

        To find the keys are you going to use signal strength?

        • Stewart says:

          Yea I’ll keep you posted. Yea I was thinking of putting a piezo buzzer on version two. You can then send an alert message to the key-fob and then track it down via the sound.

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